A callus is an area of hard, thickened skin that forms due to pressure and friction and is the body’s way of protecting itself from that excessive pressure. With feet enduring 6-8 times a person’s body weight with each step it’s no surprise calluses commonly occur on feet. Calluses can often cause pain and discomfort. This condition is very easily treated by a podiatrist.

Common Areas Calluses Occur On The Foot

As previously mentioned, calluses can occur anywhere there is excessive pressure or there is rubbing that causes friction on the skin. As a consequence, they frequently appear on:

  • The toes 
  • Ball of the foot (forefoot)
  • Heels

What causes excessive pressure on the feet?

  • Poor fitting footwear
  • Walking (gait) patterns
  • Activity/sport
  • Age
  • Structural deformities (such as bunions, hammertoes)

Callus Treatment

If you believe that you have a callus on your foot, you should see a podiatrist for advice on treating the condition. A podiatrist can treat the callus in the form of sharps debridement which is painless and can bring immediate relief to any pain and discomfort experienced. A podiatrist will also be able to provide guidance on managing the condition and in some instances prescribe foot orthotics and footwear advice where appropriate.


For further information on calluses and how to best treat this condition, book an appointment with one of our podiatrists or call 03 9939 1012.