Arch Pain

Looking for relief from an Arch Pain? We can help!

Arch Pain is a very common foot problem which can severely effect a person’s mobility, activities and quality of life if not treated appropriately. There can be many causes of Arch Pain, so the best thing you can do to treat it is to get assessed as soon as possible so you are able to get a correct diagnosis and effective management plan in place.

Diagnosing Arch Pain

Some of the symptoms of Arch Pain include;

Tenderness to touch or press in the arch

Slow to get going after periods of rest

Limping or unable to weight bear


Causes of Arch Pain

Plantar Fasciitis
  • Degeneration of the plantar fascia, which is the structure in charge of holding up the arch of your foot.
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  • Inflammation or injury of the posterior tibial tendon, a tendon which helps maintain the medial arch of your foot
  • Degeneration of the midfoot joints
  • A fracture in one of the foot bones which can be caused by one particular trauma, or repetitive stress over time

Reasons for arch pain can be attributed to (but not limited to):

Inappropriate footwear

May be too worn out, too unsupportive, too flat

“Too much too soon”

A rapid introduction of new physical activity before your body is ready

Tight muscles

Tightness through the muscles in the leg and foot

Rapid weight gain

For example pregnancy

We highly recommend seeing your podiatrist at the onset of arch pain. We will sit down with you and ask you questions about your pain to help us diagnose which structures may be affected and what might have been the cause of injury. We will assess your feet for any biomechanical abnormalities and assess any of the footwear that you wear to see if appropriate for your feet. If we think it is necessary, we will refer you to get an x-ray or diagnostic ultrasound to get a better idea at what your diagnosis may be.

Once we have a working diagnosis, we will be able to come up with a short term and long term management plan to get you pain free and active again as soon as possible. Methods of treatment we may recommend may include: Footwear changes, Stretches and strengthening, Activity modification, Padding or taping the foot, Orthoses, Shockwave Therapy, Therapeutic ultrasound, or Dry needling.

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What To Expect In Your Consult:

At Sole Podiatry you initial consultation will go for 40 minutes. This time allows your Podiatrist to thoroughly examine and understand your needs as well as providing the necessary time to assess your condition properly.

We will also develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will enable you to achieve your goal as soon as possible during this consultation. This plan will clarify whether any future consults will be required and what frequency.


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