Winter is Chilblain Season! Let Us Help!

What are chilblains? Chilblains are sores that develop on the skin, usually as a result of cold temperatures or poor circulation. The areas on your body most at risk are your fingers and toes because of all the very small blood vessels in these areas. Chilblains can feel hot, itchy, swollen and at times, painful. If left unmanaged, the skin can break, causing them to become wounds which need professional treatment.

What You Can Do

There are several ways that you can help treat chilblains from your own home. These include;

Keep your body as warm as possible and ensure warm socks are worn at all times.

Gentle exercise will help increase blood flow to the feet

Avoid smoking – will decrease your circulation

Avoid itching – if the skin breaks it can create a wound.

Use ointments that help increase blood flow to the area – ask your podiatrist or pharmacist for a recommendation

Some of the ways we can help:

If your chilblains break or become sore, make an appointment ASAP. We may have to clean the wound and provide protective dressings to encourage healing. We may also have to use a wax bath which consists of putting wax on the feet and wrapping them up for a short period of time to help increase blood flow to the feet. They are also very enjoyable to have done, especially in the cold weather!

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What To Expect In Your Consult:

At Sole Podiatry you initial consultation will go for 40 minutes. This time allows your Podiatrist to thoroughly examine and understand your needs as well as providing the necessary time to assess your condition properly.

We will also develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will enable you to achieve your goal as soon as possible during this consultation. This plan will clarify whether any future consults will be required and what frequency.


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