Heel Spurs

Are Heel Spurs causing you discomfort? Let us help!

Heel spurs are a bony growth that occurs on the underside of your heel bone (calcaneus). Due to excessive pressure/stress, the body attempts to calcify the insertion of the plantar fascia (ligament like structure on the sole of the foot) to its attachment on the heel bone. There is usually associated inflammation in the area which causes the pain. Heel spur syndrome and plantar fasciitis are often referred to as the same condition.

How we will help:

Your Podiatrist will develop a treatment plan to resolve the inflammation at the heel, to reduce your pain. The heel spur is not often surgically removed, as it generally responds well to conservative treatment measures. Your Podiatrist will often refer for an x-ray or MRI to diagnose a heel spur.

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What To Expect In Your Consult:

At Sole Podiatry you initial consultation will go for 45 minutes. This time allows your Podiatrist to thoroughly examine and understand your needs as well as providing the necessary time to assess your condition properly.

We will also develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will enable you to achieve your goal as soon as possible during this consultation. This plan will clarify whether any future consults will be required and what frequency.


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