Do You Have Tinea?

Itchy Feet? Do you get sweaty or smelly feet? Does your skin peel? Do you have very itchy feet? You may have something called Athlete’s foot!

What is Athlete’s Foot?

You may have heard this term over the years here and there on a commercial or through a family member! 

The technical term for Athlete’s Foot is called Tinea Pedis. Tinea Pedis is a fungal infection of the skin that normally occurs in between the toes and on the sole of the foot. It normally begins in a very wet humid environment- an example is not drying in between your toes properly. This gives the fungus on our skin an opportunity to multiply and thrive because they LOVE warm environments


What causes Athlete’s Foot?

  • Having very sweaty feet and being in enclosed footwear for a long period of the day
  • Not drying in between your toes properly after a shower 
  • Wearing the same socks daily
  • Wearing shoes and slipper without socks
  • Staying in wet socks or shoes for a long period
  • Can be caught from communal and shared areas such as pools, public showers and sharing socks, towels, shower floors or shoes with infected individuals

What are the signs of Athlete’s foot?

  • Wet white skin in between your toes 
  • Redness, itching, stinging and burning on the bottom of your foot or between toes
  • Peeling of the skin on your feet 
  • Small blisters or “bubbles” on the soles of your feet
  • Red raw skin on your feet
  • Very dry itchy skin
  • Toenails can also be affected- discolored, thickened or crumbling toenails



How can we treat athletes foot?

When treating Athlete’s foot we must look at not only treating the infection but the environment also.

 The following can be easily carried out daily

  • Changing your socks daily
  • Changing socks to natural fibres- wool, cotton, bamboo
  • Cleaning your feet thoroughly in the shower and drying them thoroughly after a shower
  • Washing all socks, hosiery and footwear in a 50degree wash cycle and using an antifungal wash/liquid (Canesten Anti-fungal Laundry Wash)
  • Using an over the counter spray such as Tinaderm to apply to your feet before a long day in shoes
  • Over the counter Tinea treatments- we can recommend the right dosage and length of time you will need to use these
  • Prescription treatments- normally prescribed by a doctor such as antifungal medication or prescription ointments


For an appropriate and individualized treatment plan by one of our Podiatrists you can call Sole Podiatry on 9939 1012 or simply book online for a consultation. Our podiatrists will be able to determine the appropriate treatment route for you!


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