How Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy Can Help Your Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar heel pain (also known as plantar fasciitis) is a very common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia, (which runs along the plantar heel and arch of the foot) can become overworked due to a number of factors, such as foot mechanics, training errors, poor footwear to name a few. At our clinic, we are frequently treating patients for heel pain. 


There are many different effective treatment methods against plantar fasciitis. At Sole Podiatry, we offer, amongst other treatment options, shockwave therapy and laser therapy. 

Both of these treatment methods have been proven to be effective 

Laser therapy is a “laser” type of light applied to the skin where there is an injury present to generate tissue healing, and reduce pain and inflammation. 

Laser therapy therefore, is particularly helpful in treating more acute (recently flared up) plantar fascial issues. The treatment is safe and painless for the patient, and often provides feelings of relief quickly. 

In the treatment of plantar fasciitis, laser therapy may be used by your podiatrist if deemed necessary. It will however, be one aspect of treatment amongst other methods in a well-rounded approach.

Below is a picture of our hand held laser device in action on the plantar heel:



Shockwave therapy is also very effective as part of a treatment plan for plantar fasciitis. Shockwave assists by providing pain reduction by de-sensitising nerves, increasing collagen production (which assists with soft-tissue repair), and it increases the formation of new tissue and blood cells. 

We tend to use shockwave therapy in a more chronic issue (pain has been existent for 3+ months). Generally, laser therapy would be used in a more acute occurrence of plantar fasciitis where the pain has only been brought on recently. 

Both laser therapy and shockwave therapy can be extremely effective in both the reduction of pain and repairing of tissue.

Of course, plantar heel pain isn’t the only condition that laser and shockwave can treat, but are both commonly used to treat this issue.

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