What is a wart?


A wart is a viral infection of the skin caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. A wart on the plantar surface of your foot is also called a verruca, or sometimes a papilloma. Warts grow in the epidermal layer of the skin, they then proliferate and grow causing hard skin production. Warts typically present looking like a cauliflower. They can be singular or in a cluster, and can often be painful. They are spread from either skin to skin contact or in communal areas.


How does our K-laser treat warts?

The targeted laser beam burns the wart to create a wound. The skin takes approximately 3-4 weeks to heal with regular dressings and offloading. Depending on the severity and depth of the wart 1-2 sessions are normally required.


What is the process?

  1. Debridement of the wart
  2. Colouring the wart with ink to attract the light to the wart tissue
  3. Local anesthesia to numb the sole of the foot
  4. Treatment with the laser
  5. Dressing the wound with appropriate dressings
  6. Weekly reviews until the wounds have healed

Patient Example

  • Unsuccessful treatment with conservative in clinic management
  • Patient is a 24 year old healthy female

Day 1: Post laser treatment

Day 7 Post Laser treatment

6 weeks post treatment


Who can receive this treatment?

Treatment suitability is based on age, other factors such as those with diabetes or a poor healing capacity.

This is all discussed in your consultation with your podiatrist.

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