Look After A Loved One’s Feet With These Christmas Gift Ideas!

Struggling to know what to buy for a loved one this Christmas? Step into the season of giving with thoughtful Christmas presents that prioritise the often overlooked heroes of our body – our feet. Your loved ones spend long hours on their feet, so they deserve a touch of pampering. 

Here’s a list of Christmas presents that can help people with their feet:

Compression Socks: These socks help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling, making them a thoughtful gift for those who are on their feet for extended periods. 2XU are a great brand for compression socks, you can find some here

Moisturising Socks: Infused with moisturizing agents, these socks can help hydrate and soften dry, cracked feet, providing a spa-like treatment at home. At our clinic we offer Elive Moisturising Gel Socks. Come into our clinic and check them out, or you can order some directly through this link

Foot Cream or Balm: Choose a high-quality foot cream or balm with nourishing ingredients to keep feet soft and moisturized. At our clinic, we stock Walker’s foot lotion, which is available for purchase.

Plantar Fasciitis Socks: A plantar fascia supporting sock to help reduce nagging arch and heel pain. We stock OS1st socks in our clinic. 

Foot Roller or Massage Ball: Compact and easy to use, a foot roller or massage ball can help relieve tension and discomfort in the feet. We recommend starting with this one as it gives you a number of options from a spiky ball to a softer feeling ball.

Epsom Salt Soak: A soothing Epsom salt foot soak can help relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote overall foot well-being.

Pilates/Yoga socks: Encourage foot health with some yoga and pilates socks. These will allow for extra grip and warmth as you relax into your session. You can find some that we like here

Steigen Running Socks: Stylish running socks that reduce shearing and blistering as we get active this summer. We stock these in our clinic. Or you can find them here

Footwear Gift Card: Consider a gift card for a shoe store, allowing the recipient to choose supportive and comfortable footwear. We recommend the team at The Running Company in Yarraville. You can book an appointment with them for a fitting and shoe purchase here: The Running Company Yarraville

Archies Slides and Thongs: Arch supporting and stylish slides and thongs are available to buy at our clinics. Stock is limited and going fast, so be quick!

Leg and foot massager: Helps relieve knots and improve circulation in the calves and feet. Great to sit and relax with your legs in one of these

An appointment at Sole Podiatry: Last but not least, invite a friend or family member into our clinic to see a podiatrist to address any of their needs. You can book an appointment below, or we offer Gift Cards, which can be purchased at our clinic as a Christmas gift 🙂

We hope that everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. Hopefully we have given you some ideas to help make your loved ones Christmas even more special. 

Merry Christmas from Sole Podiatry!


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