Meet our Podiatrists

The podiatrists of Sole Podiatry are dedicated to implementing evidence based medicine and current research to deliver exceptional foot and ankle care to people throughout the community. Our friendly and professional nature will ensure your client’s visit is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Sarah Warton- currently on maternity leave until Jan 2020

Hi, I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you!

SARAH WARTONI am a country girl at heart – originally from Ballarat. I moved to Melbourne at 18 to take on uni life, studying podiatry at LaTrobe University in 2004! Moving to Melbourne was a great step for me, I learnt valuable life lessons early that started me on a path of independence and self sufficiency.  I have always been very interested in Health Sciences – having participated in many sports at school such as AFL, cricket, Basketball and dancing. I loved the importance of health and fitness and find how the human body works very fascinating!

While studying Podiatry, I worked at Sportsco and developed a love for runners – my wardrobe is testament to that and would much rather be wearing the latest from New Balance than any other type of fashion shoe! My final year of university I was lucky enough to travel to London for placement which cemented my career choice as I was able to explore all facets of podiatry and work under many experts in the field before graduating – Oktoberfest was an integral part of my research!

Together with Jess I took the giant leap into founding Sole Podiatry and haven’t looked back! From a fresh faced 23 year old to now I still find a lot of enjoyment in delivering quality health care to my patients and enjoy all facets of podiatry including treatment of ingrown toe nails, paediatrics, sports and rehab as well as catching up with my regular patients for general treatment and a good old chat about life!

What continues to motivate me in podiatry is when a patient presents with a debilitating injury and through personalised assessment and management plans – seeing their quality of life improve with treatment modalities implemented.  Podiatry is forever evolving as a profession and the future of fabulous foot care is exciting.

If i’m not at work, I love spending quality time with my 3 kids at the park, holidaying at our home away from home in Torquay or cheering on the Navy Blues on weekends.


Jessica O’Neil

Hi, My name’s Jess and it’s lovely to meet you!

I graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Podiatry in 2007. I have since attended multiple professional development courses including dry needling, foot mobilisation techniques, Prolotherapy for Podiatry, Lower limb tendinopathy rehabilitation and various workshops and conferences. 

Having seen a Podiatrist myself as a child for a dance injury, I found myself interested in the human body and decided during my high school years that I wanted to work within the medical & health sector. 

I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and spent most of my childhood and adolescence dancing and playing sport. So I was no stranger to injury even from a young age! 

I stared working in private practice after I graduated from La Trobe University and in 2009 decided I was going to take a big risk and started Sole Podiatry, along with my business partner, Sarah Warton. We have never looked back! I have loved the challenge of growing a practice from the ground up, and I am constantly on the lookout for better ways for things to be done, both within the clinic and our treatment plans and from a business perspective.

I love the variety of cases that Podiatry has to offer, from routine nail care and callous reduction to the challenge of sports injuries and rehabilitation. With my background in ballet and dance, I especially love treating young dancers and conducting pre-pointe assessments. I love working with people of all ages, from little kids through to our older population. I am passionate about the Podiatry profession and am constantly trying to improve my knowledge and skills with further study and research!

Outside of work, you’ll find me spending time with my husband and running around after my daughter Sienna and our giant Labrador, Dexter. I love watching sport, especially AFL, Go the Mighty Cats! I love a day out at the Flemington races and even dabble in a little hat making in my spare time! I like to keep active by going to the gym and I have recently started tennis lessons, with the hope of making a Australian Open appearance in a few years time!

Emily Pearse

Hi I’m Emily!

I graduated from Latrobe University in 2012. I jumped straight from high school to university and then into full time work as a podiatrist.

I always knew I wanted to do something in the health industry. From my family’s history of ingrown toenails and flat feet, I was at the podiatrist on a regular basis. That is how I decided I wouldn’t mind doing this job as a living as the “feet thing” didn’t really bother me.

I have also been involved in netball and athletics from a very young age, and I continued doing sport into my mid twenties. Unfortunately after 2 ACL injuries, I’ve had to change the type of exercise that I do, now I go to the gym fairly regularly and I’m about to take up boxing.

Joining the Sole Podiatry team in 2014 has helped me become a better podiatrist from learning the latest techniques and improving my knowledge. Being part of a work place where we are all get along so well makes it enjoyable to come to work. Since just recently coming back from maternity leave I also have realised how much I missed podiatry work. I enjoy most aspects of Podiatry,  especially ingrown nail surgeries and general nail care.

In my spare time right now I’m just loving being a new mum to my beautiful daughter Adaline. Being able to spend a lot of time with her and watching her grow. Otherwise I also enjoy AFL, being a Carlton supporter but most of the time you will be find me down at the local East Keilor Footy Club cheering on my partner, Ethan on Saturdays.



Mirella Ayoub

Hello, I’m Mirella!

I graduated from La Trobe University with a Masters of Podiatric practice. I initially begun working as a mobile podiatrist travelling to various nursing homes around Melbourne. Since then I have been in private practice and haven’t looked back. 

I love continuously learning and growing. I have done courses including dry needing, foot mobilisation techniques and like to keep up to date with all the latest treatment modalities and medical research. I attend various workshops and conferences all year round to be able to provide the best advice and care.

The reason I chose Podiatry was that I have the ability to help others. My main goal is that my patients are healthy and happy in life. I enjoy building new relationships with patients and have a deep care to see them doing well in life.

I joined the team at Sole Podiatry because I feel their core values aligned with mine. I believe in treating every patient with respect and care and not just another number.

When I’m not treating feet, I enjoy staying active by going to the gym and exploring nature. I love spending time with my family over the weekends and spoiling my gorgeous niece and nephew!

One of my favourite quotes is:
‘Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.’  Jim Rohn

Looking forward to meet you in the clinic!



Alice Gofron

Alice Gofron

Hi, My name is Alice!

Growing up with a love for all styles of dancing, I have experienced my fair share of injuries and foot problems, ( twisted ankles and lots… and lots of callus) and found that seeing a podiatrist was the best thing for my feet and still keeps me a happy dancer today. This love of moving and keeping active is what started my career as a podiatrist.
Graduating from La Trobe University, I have experience in both public and private health sectors across Melbourne and currently enjoy working privately, as I love the range of patients and pathologies that walk through the door. I love shoes- runners, dress shoes, sandals, hiking boots and have experience working with Bared and The Athletes Foot.

My focus areas and passion lies in:

  1. Ingrown toenails and other nail or skin issues resulting from activity
  2. Pre-pointe and ballet assessments
  3. Diabetic foot care and prevention
  4. Acute injuries and prevention

Outside of work you’ll find me Sunday brunching with my boyfriend (Tommy) and either of our doggies (Sandy and Louis), walking around the Maribyrnong river with the girls, or going to the movies … mostly catching the latest marvel blockbuster that’s out before my two brothers (Ben and Daniel) can ruin it for me!

My quirky must knows are:

  • A bit of a coffee snob …(but don’t hold that against me, I also like tea)
  • Netflix and Stan enthusiast
  • Forever trying to make it to personal training on time before my working day


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Masters in Podiatric Practice
  • Dry Needling of the lower limb
  • Member of Australian Podiatry Association
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy


Sezen Shevketoglu

Sezen Shevketoglu

Hi, I’m Sezen. It’s nice to meet you!

After 5 years of working as a podiatrist in Queensland and Western Australia, I decided to relocate to Melbourne late in 2018 for lifestyle change and career advancement.

I was brought up travelling around a lot as my parents enjoyed travelling for work. I was 12 when we moved to Perth and it took me less than a year to learn the English language! Before the end of my first schooling year in Australia, I topped my science class and was placed into the extension class the following year. I think learning several languages at a young age allowed me to memorise more and faster, therefore I liked the cumulative and logical nature of science at school, ultimately inspiring me to chose a career in Podiatry.

After finishing high school in Perth, I moved to Brisbane to study Podiatry and later worked there and in regional Queensland for several years. Following that, I moved back to Perth, however, after 2 years I couldn’t adapt to the laid-back lifestyle there. Driven by a desire to live a fast-paced life, I relocated to Melbourne in late 2018 and have not looked back once.

I like how being a podiatrist doesn’t just require me to be interactive with my patients and be analytical with their presenting complaints, but also be flexible to make my treatment plans achievable for them.

Having worked in many different podiatry setups, private practice has been the most that I’ve enjoyed as it provides me an opportunity to treat a variety of lower limb and foot conditions. I thoroughly enjoy treating all lower limb and foot conditions but particularly general foot care and musculoskeletal pains. I’m also skilled in high-risk foot management, paediatrics, orthotic prescription, and modification, footwear prescription, shockwave therapy, dry needling, foot mobilisation; and surgical management of ingrown toenail and plantar warts.

Outside of work, you’ll find me either in the kitchen cooking, on the phone with my family, in the gym or out exploring my new hometown, Melbourne! I was hoping to go back to learning Spanish after the move but realised that watching the footy instead is much more fun. I barrack for the Eagles so don’t mind if I boast about them!

Qualifications and Accreditations:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)
  • Lower limb acupuncture certification
  • Anatomy Trains certification
  • RockTape Lower Limb training
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Aleisha Fato

Hi! I’m Aleisha!

When I was a young girl, I suffered with terrible ingrown toenails for years. It wasn’t until I saw a Podiatrist that I was able to get proper treatment and resolution. During the course of my treatment, I became interested in becoming a Podiatrist myself. When putting in my university preferences, the Bachelor of Podiatry was #1. Lucky for me, I got my first choice!

I completed my degree at Latrobe University in 2007 and immediately began working in private practice and have continued to do so. Private practice provides so much variety in the types of pathologies and injuries seen, which continues to excite and challenge me on a daily basis. I love all aspects of Podiatry, my favourite pathology is definitely ingrown toenails – the worse they are the more I enjoy treating you! I also have a keen interest in paediatric and teenage patients, the diabetic foot and treating all types of skin pathologies. I also enjoy using Shockwave Therapy as a method of treatment for your pain and sports injuries and I have recently done some further study and training in this exciting and effective treatment.

When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with my husband and my three gorgeous sons. Between work and my family, there’s not a lot of time left for me, but when I do find time, you will find me l binge watching a good t.v. show while enjoying a glass of wine. I love to cook and spend lots of time in my kitchen cooking for my family and friends. My specialties are gnocchi and lasagna – anything Italian really! I also love to talk – so if you’re up for a good chat then make sure to come in to see me!

Some of my goals for the future are to partake in some further study to build on my Podiatry skills, read more books, learn Italian and take a family holiday!

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic!


Monique Sims