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Bobux Xplorer baby shoes | Sole Podiatry

If you’ve had children, one thing you’ll probably remember is how difficult it can be to put a pair of shoes on a small baby’s foot! They seem to want to scrunch their little toes into an impossibly tight little ball, meaning many failed and frustrating attempts at getting the shoe on their little foot!

When a child starts to cruise along furniture and then takes their first steps, we recommend they remain barefoot around the house, which helps them balance and coordinate their steps better when they can feel the ground beneath their feet. However, when you leave the house (childcare, playgrounds etc) it is important to have a good pair of first walker shoes to protect their feet from possible injury, especially from anything sharp that might be on the ground.

So what should you look for in a first walker shoe?

Their first walker shoes should remain soft soled to allow freedom of movement and allow for natural development. Babies’ feet are short, wide and chubby, and they go through a range of movements and positions as they interchange from sitting, rolling, crawling to standing and cruising/walking. So the shoe must remain relatively soft in the upper and sole to fit the foot as well as allow for this range of movement.

The team at Bobux have spent a lot of time researching and designing shoes for every developmental stage for babies and toddlers, and speaking from first hand experience, I can vouch that their Xplorer first walker shoe ticks all the boxes!

Bobux Xplorer baby shoes | Sole Podiatry

It is lightweight, with a grip textured sole and reinforced toe caps to protect babies’ toes as they move around. It has an elastic collar which allows for a wider opening to get their chubby little foot into the shoe with minimal sweat which then recoils to keep their feet secure. It is made with natural fibres like leather and wool to allow for better breathability and has a flexible sole to allow for movement. Not to mention it comes in a wide range of colours and designs.

Once baby has established walking for a few months and has gained confidence, that’s when we recommend to move towards a more stiff soled shoe, which will have better durability.

To see the range of Bobux shoes, head to their website We also stock a small range of Bobux shoes in our East Keilor clinic. If you have any concerns over your child’s development, book an appointment with one of our Podiatrists.

Bobux shoes | Sole Podiatry

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