Children's Foot Care

Does your child need to see a Podiatrist in Melbourne?

Sole Podiatry have qualified children’s Podiatrists and we love to work with children to help them get back on their feet!

When would your child need to see a Podiatrist? Some of the reasons you should see a children’s Podiatrist include (but aren’t limited to):

When you notice uneven shoe wear

If you notice any skin rashes, hard skin, lumps or bumps on the feet

Your child complains of recurrent pain in the feet and legs

If your child is constantly tripping and falling

You have any other concerns about your child’s feet or wanting footwear advice

What are the common conditions seen by a Podiatrist?

Tarsal Coalitions


Toe Walking

Juvenile Bunions

Development of a child’s foot

Children’s feet differ from adults, as they are not fully formed. At 6 months of age, the foot is soft and mobile as it is made from mostly cartilage. By 18 years of age, most of the bones in the foot are fully formed.

What does a Paediatric assessment involve?

Review of milestones
Reflexes and neurological assessment
Range of motion and alignment assessments


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