Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes are more prone to developing foot problems and therefore need to take extra care with their feet.

Why are people with Diabetes more prone to foot complications?

1. Reduced blood flow to the feet (poor circulation)

A Podiatrist is trained to assess lower limb circulation using a Doppler ultrasound to identify any problems with blood flow to the feet. Often Podiatrists are the first to identify the beginning of a circulation issue and trigger the necessary referrals to vascular specialists for further assessment and possible treatment. If caught early enough, often simple procedures can be performed to improve circulation to the feet.

2. Nerva damage (peripheral neuropathy)

Your Podiatrist is able to conduct a series of simple tests to determine whether there is any loss of protective sensation to your feet as a result from diabetes.


As a result of poor circulation and reduced ability to feel the feet, people with uncontrolled diabetes are at higher risk of developing foot wounds, ulcers and infections.

If left untreated, or if the wound fails to heal properly, these wounds can develop into gangrene which often results in some form of amputation surgery.

We recommend regular podiatry treatment to maintain healthy skin and nails. We also advise an annual assessment of both blood flow and nerve function to the feet and will relay results of these tests to your GP.

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