Footwear Advice & Running Shoes

Let us help you find the perfect Footwear for your feet!

As podiatrists we consider ourselves the shoe EXPERTS! That’s right, when it comes to the nitty gritty in and outs of shoes… think of us! Choosing the right shoe is not a simple task, especially with the ever-growing range of options instore and online. Each shoe has a specific role and impacts on how our feet function. It’s important that you’re in the right shoe for the right activity.

Having a podiatrist assess your feet and gait patterns is one of the best ways to ensure your shoe choice provides your specific level of support, comfort and durability required for your chosen sport or daily wearing.

Shoe fit is always A MUST CHECK in our minds. Having BOTH your feet measured when you buy shoes is important, not only to check length but width and if there’s a different between each foot.

Our team of shoe savvy podiatrist can provide you detailed advice and referral for:

School shoes

Work shoes

Hiking boots & trail walkers

High heel & comfy fashion forward styles

Running & Sport specific

(football, netball, tennis, basketball etc.)

Paediatric shoes

(Yes, we have options for little feet too)

We totally understand that we all want to have nice looking footwear, which is why our team are great at resourcing and keeping in contact with a range of different brands accessible across Melbourne.

Running & Training Footwear

Picking the right athletic shoes for your feet is important to maintain good foot function as well as reducing the potential for injury.

The movement of the foot during a run is different to the movement of the foot while playing tennis or netball… meaning we need our shoes to act against different forces and terrains. Training shoes act against side-to-side forces while running shoes act to support our feet as they hit the pavement repeatedly in a forward motion.

Our podiatrist’s undertake regular athletic shoe training and can help prescribe the best shoe for your feet to keep you active while decreasing your potential for pain and injury.


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