Fracture Management

Needing help with a Fracture?

Did you know that a human foot contains 26 bones? And that our feet carry the whole weight of our bodies? This means the bones in our feet undergo a large amount of stress from day to day. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to fractures in these foot bones.

Sometimes these are caused by trauma, such as tripping over, stubbing your toe or dropping something on your foot. Other times they can be caused by a repetitive stress over time where you may not remember any event in particular where the foot may have been injured.

How we diagnose a Fracture

As podiatrists, its not just our job to help diagnose your fracture. Both short and long term management strategies can be used to help get you back to your normal activities as soon as possible. A diagnosis is usually made by completing a clinical assessment in our rooms, where we can physically assess your foot and ask you questions about your pain, your activity and your footwear.

If we suspect you have a fracture, we are able to refer you to have an x-ray for confirmation of our diagnosis. We may also fit you with a CAM walker (“Moon Boot”) to assist in offloading the foot to encourage healing and reduce pain. A CAM walker stands for ‘Controlled Ankle Motion’ walker, which helps limit movement in the foot and ankle to assist in the recovery of injuries to the lower limb. It allows you to bear weight on the foot without causing stress on your injury. They are commonly used these days as an alternate to plaster casting. We stock these in the clinic and can fit you on the day of your consultation if we feel it is necessary.

How we treat Fractures

Once your fracture is confirmed, we will make recommendations on how long we would like you to wear the boot for and will assess your healing along the way. This may involve follow up x-rays and physical assessment. Once your pain has reduced and healing has occurred, we will then look into your long term management to reduce ongoing stress on the injured area to prevent an injury reoccurring. In addition to this we will work on rehabilitating the muscles in the leg and foot which may have weakened due to reduction in activity.

If you think you may have a fracture, we recommend to come along and get assessed so we can try get you pain free and back to your normal activities as soon as possible.


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