General Podiatry

At Sole Podiatry we deliver exceptional treatment of general foot conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, plantar warts and fungal infections.

Corns and calluses

General Podiatry for corns, calluses, nail pathologies and skin conditionsCalluses are a build up of hard skin (hyperkeratosis) which is caused by increased pressure or friction on the skin e.g. bony prominences or ill fitting footwear.

Corns are usually underlying callus. They are a hard, small bump of skin that have a central core. You may experience pain when pressure or friction is applied to the area . You can experience corns on the foot or toes. White and rubbery bumps of skin (‘soft’ corns) usually occur on the toes.

People at risk of corns and calluses are:

  • Elderly people – as the skin ages it loses elasticity, moisture and fatty tissue
  • Continuous standing – results in high amounts of weight-bearing pressure on the feet
  • People with feet that roll inwards (flat feet) – excessive pressure is placed on the ball of the feet beneath the big toe, and the inside of the heel
  • People with feet that roll outwards (high-arched feet) –place excessive pressure on the outside of the foot
  • A person with foot complaints (such as a hammer toe, bunions or arthritis) – the bony prominence rubs against the shoe or neighbouring toes
  • People who regularly wear shoes that are narrow, tight, flat, ill-fitting or high-heeled.

Removal of corns and calluses is fast, simple and pain-free (no injections required). We also provide education on how to prevent future development. Corns and calluses can often be misdiagnosed as warts.

Nail pathologies

There are many pathologies which can affect the toenails such as: fungal infections, thick nails (onychauxic nails due to trauma) and ingrown nails.

Many people aren’t sure if the thickening of their nail is normal, because of trauma or due to an infection. Our podiatrists can have the nail tested in an efficient manner that will leave the guesswork at the door and improve the look of the nail.

We offer treatment and advice on best managing these conditions such as correct nail cutting technique, anti-fungal treatment for nails and mechanical reduction of thick nails.

Skin conditions

Tinea pedis (Atheletes foot), dermatitis, anhydrosis (dry-skin), psoriasis, ulcerations are all conditions Sole Podiatry podiatrists see on a regular basis and can offer advice re treatment/management plans.