Lower Limb Injury Rehabilitation

At both our clinics, we have a dedicated gym space to be able to offer injury screening and rehabilitation of lower limb and foot injuries.

Our Sports Podiatrists are specially trained to undertake Video running/walking assessments and functional assessments of your lower limb strength, flexibility, mobility and function. We will then review your video using an online video annotation tool, which allows us to slow down, stop and measure angles and distances as well as compare videos side by side for changes.

Some of the key areas we are assessing in our screening are:

  • Core strength
  • Pelvis position during walking/running
  • Foot strike patterns
  • Hip and Knee placement/rotations
  • Hip and Knee strength and mobility
  • Calf strength and endurance
  • Foot function and position
  • Running Footwear function

After our thorough assessment, we can then guide you through an individualized exercise plan, targeting areas of possible weakness, deficit or restriction.
You will also have access to instructional videos which you can easily refer to via an app on your smart phone or tablet/computer.
Additional manual therapy (such as joint mobilization, massage or taping) may also be utilized for best results.

Our goal is to improve strength and mobility to allow your body to function optimally

Return to Running program

If you have recently sustained an injury, or are looking at returning to running (or perhaps looking to start running) we can also tailor a return to running program to ensure you don’t break down with an injury.
Most often, running injuries are sustained by doing “too much, too soon”

We can ensure you are adequately prepared for a return to running by ensuring you have:

  • Appropriate footwear for your running distance and biomechanics
  • Adequate strength of the lower limb and core to support your body during running
  • Good running technique to lower your risk of injury
  • Appropriate running program, with a gradual build up in time, distance and intensity.


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