Orthotic prescription

Foot orthoses (“orthotics”) are shoe inserts designed to support and align, and improve the function of the foot.

Sole Podiatry OrthoticsThere are different types of foot orthotics available from a podiatrist to treat many lower leg and foot pathologies.

  1. Prefabricated orthotics: Are pre-made, off the shelf orthotics which can be used as a quick solution to treat many foot and leg problems. These are often a temporary solution to try and reduce pain quickly. We stock a range of pre-fabricated orthotics for various pathologies.
  2. Semi-custom (non-cast) orthotics: Are orthotics which are specially made from a tracing of the foot for size. These are often utilised for children, with growing feet, as they will often require a new orthotic device when their feet grow. This is often a more cost effective option for children presenting with mild foot complaints.
  3. Custom foot orthotics: Are prescription orthotics which are individually designed for a person’s exact needs. A thorough biomechanical assessment will often identify issues with alignment and function of the foot, and from our assessment we design the orthotic from scratch. A laser scan is taken of the feet to ensure exact fit and comfort of the device.

What is the process for getting orthotics?

You will first attend your appointment where a thorough history is taken as well as a physical examination of your feet and ankles. If orthotic therapy is advised as part of your treatment plan,  a brief biomechanical assessment will be conducted to decide which device is most suitable to achieve results.

Biomechanical assessment and Gait analysis

When a custom orthotic is recommended, you will then be booked in for a more detailed biomechanical assessment and video gait analysis. We will then use the latest laser technology to take scans of both of your feet to send to our orthotic laboratory with our prescription form.

Orthotic issue:

Once we receive your orthotic devices in the clinic, you will attend a personalised issue appointment, where we check the fit of the orthotics and can make minor modifications as needed to ensure they fit into your shoes. We will also advise you on what to expect from your first few day to weeks of wearing orthotics for the first time.


After 1-2 weeks we get you back in for an initial orthotic review. We use this as a chance to ensure you are comfortably wearing your new devices and fitting them into your footwear.

We will then schedule a secondary orthotic review 4 weeks later, where we can again make changes or modifications to ensure your orthotics are working as intended and most of all, you as the patient are happy and on your way to being pain free! We will then advise either a 6 or 12 monthly review to ensure the long term benefits from your orthotics are maintained.


At Sole Podiatry, we pride ourselves on our orthotic knowledge and experience. We will always ensure our clients are satisfied with their orthotic devices, and ensure we are achieving the best results possible.

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