Shockwave Therapy

How can Shockwave Therapy help you?

Shockwave therapy is a relatively new technology used in podiatry to treat chronic pain. Shockwave treatment can be up to 80% effective in reducing chronic pain and related symptoms. It has been well utilised in sports medicine for over 10 years, and has been the centre of many clinical studies.

Conditions regularly treated with shockwave therapy include:

What does Shockwave Therapy do?

Shockwave therapy is the application of high energy Shock waves through the skin to:

Accelerate the healing process
Reduce pain
Promote tissue repair
Sole Podiatry Shockwave Therapy

Treatment usually lasts just a few minutes and reduced pain is usually described straight after treatment (short term effect), and throughout the following days, improvement in pain is noted (long term effect).

Shockwave therapy has no negative side effects and is a non-invasive treatment. Shockwave is not advised if: you are pregnant, on blood thinning medication, have had a recent Corticosteroid injection (within 6 weeks), on growth plates (Sever’s disease)

Shockwave therapy is an additional $59 on top of your consultation rates. (This may be claimable through your private health insurance)

Sole Podiatry's Shockwave Therapy Machine


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