Skin & Toenail Care

Good foot health plays an integral part in your ability to remain active, healthy and pain free. If you have difficulties reaching your feet, have cracked heels, diabetes or general problems with your skin or toenails we can help you.

Toenail cutting and filing careOffering safe skin and nail care for people of all ages, our podiatrists take the time to provide you the highest standard of skin and nail care, and are well equipped to assist you with maintaining healthy condition of your toenails and skin on your feet.

We gently treat many painful skin and toenail conditions including:

Ingrown Toenails

Difficult To Cut Toenails

Discoloured Toenails (Fungal)



Hard Skin & Calluses

Cracked Heels

Tinea (Athlete’s Foot)

The majority of these treatments are pain free, however in circumstances where you are experiences significant localised pain or have a particularly painful lesion, we can use a local anaesthetic to numb area prior to treatment.

By having a podiatrist care for your skin and nails, you can rest assured that you are doing everything to ensure that your feet and toenails remain strong and resilient, which will assist in keeping you active and healthy.

A skin and nail appointment with our podiatrists can be booked at both our Keilor East or Pascoe Vale practices. Alternatively you can select on of our podiatrists and call 03 9939 1012 to book a skin and toenail appointment.