Video Gait & Running Analysis

Video Gait Analysis to assess & diagnose your foot problems or pains

Our team of experienced and friendly podiatrists are motivated by what keeps you active! This includes walking, running, playing sport…even keeping up with … well life! No matter what level of runner you are or if your aim is walking pain free.. we’re here to help!

As podiatrist we are amazed by the complex design of the human foot and the way it moves. This means we love to assess, diagnose and create treatment pathways for a range of injuries of the foot, ankle and lower leg. We’re able to identify any training or loading errors that could lead to a potential injury and stop you from keeping active!

All our team focus on performing a video analysis to better understand your walking and running techniques. With the use of our in-clinic treadmill, this technology helps us to discover any factors which may be contributing to the cause of your injury, excessive wearing of shoes, potential for loading errors as well specific gait patterns.

Our podiatrist can slow down your personal video and properly assess your individualised gait to look closely at:

Foot Strike
Heel Position
Base of Gait
Foot, ankle, knee, pelvis & hip movements
Core position & trunk lean
and much more!

By working together, we can address and change any factors to reduce your pain, as well as treating your symptoms.

Our aim is to keep your activity and life goals in focus while helping improve your running efficacy, reducing fatigue and optimising your training.

Current shoes


Any relevant imaging

(x-rays, ultrasound, MRI)

Athletic shorts & attire


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