Springtime and Foot Allergies

Ahhh, welcome Spring – itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and itching – whilst COVID is around we cannot forget pesky hay fever! How does this relate to our feet?

Much like our faces, eyes, hands and elbow creases, allergies and eczema can have a major effect on our feet due to seasonal changes. We are now hitting spring where the air is much more humid along with an increase in pollen count and changes to wind direction! We may be finding that we are more itchy than usual. Exposure to the sun or cool air can also spark an itch, along with stress too! 

The most common cause for itchiness on the feet can be contact dermatitis. A simple breakdown- contact dermatitis is a condition which makes the skin red and inflamed after being in contact with an irritant- this can be dye from new shoes or socks, walking outside in freshly cut grass barefoot, sports tape, allergies to laundry detergent, exposure to sunlight, sweating under an ankle strap or it can even stem from our already existing hay fever! Symptoms can include itching, redness, swelling of the area, pain and blisters to form. It can also be mistaken as Tinea also!



So what can be done at home to reduce contact dermatitis?

  • Cool towel/compress to the itchy affected area to bring down inflammation! 
  • Barrier cream such as Dermeze to restore skin integrity.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal foot bath to reduce irritation
  • Change to natural fibre socks- Bamboo (Underworks- BIG W Sells these)
  • If you believe it is due to a particular shoe avoid these shoes as you could be allergic to the material or dye.
  • Change to a a sensitive laundry powder- Ecostore Sensitive Laundry Powder
  • Antihistamine medication- as directed by a pharmacist or GP- check with them first
  • Changing to a pH balanced body wash – Dermeze, Ken Kay, Cera Ve, QV

If your symptoms are extremely unbearable or you notice breaks in the skin or blisters, you may need a high dose corticosteroid cream – this can be provided to you by your GP!

During this spring season, if you are struggling or have any questions about what is written above, please feel free to book in with one of our podiatrists below, or give us a call on 9939 1012

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