The importance of Pre Pointe Assessments

Last weekend, our Podiatrists attended the Victorian Pediatrics and AAPSM Sports Symposium which was held in Geelong.

One of the key note speakers, was Dr. Sue Mayes, the head physiotherapist for the Australian Ballet Company. Sue spoke about the importance of good strength and conditioning of the foot and ankle to aid in injury prevention.


Ballet, and in particular pointe work, can place a lot of stress on the body, especially the foot and ankle, leaving it susceptible to injury. Ensuring the dancer has adequate strength and flexibility, can reduce the risk of injury immensely.

Our Podiatrists were able to take a lot of key points and tips home from Sue, in regards to specific exercises that can be implemented to ensure each dancer (even the professionals) are as prepared as possible and therefore reducing their risk of lower limb injuries.

One of the most important parts of beginning pointe work, is having a thorough Pre Pointe Assessment conducted by a specialist, to ensure the dancer is physically ready and able to undergo the rigours of pointe work.

A pre pointe assessment looks at the dancer’s range of motion, mobility, strength and posture as well as functional tests of the lower limb. Based on results, an individualised strengthening program is usually prescribed to improve any areas of deficit.

A pre pointe assessment should ideally be conducted PRIOR to commencing any pointe work, with the ideal timeframe usually 3-6 months before. This will allow adequate time to have a strengthening program implemented.

For more information regarding our Pre Pointe assessments, head over to our “Services” page.

Our pre-pointe assessments are conducted as an extended/initial consultation, cost of this appointment is $80 (private health rebates available).

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