What’s The Difference Between Lifestyle Sneakers And Sports Runners?

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in the number of people wearing “lifestyle” sneakers, as their neutral colourways and designs become increasingly popular as fashion conscious people opt for comfort.

However, we are also noticing in the clinic that people are wearing these casual sneakers as their “exercise” shoe. So, we thought let’s delve into why these two shoes, although they look quite similar, are in fact very different in their designs and construction. 

Lifestyle sneakers and sports runners are two distinct types of footwear designed for different purposes and activities.

Here are some of the key differences between them:


Lifestyle sneakers

They are designed primarily for casual, everyday wear. They are meant for style, rather than support and performance in physical activity. These sneakers are often chosen for their fashionable look.

Sports Runners

Sports runners, on the other hand, are specifically designed for activities like jogging/running and sports. They are engineered to provide support, cushioning and in some cases, stability needed for certain physical activities. 



Lifestyle sneakers

These often prioritize aesthetics and come in a wide range of trendy designs, colours and materials. They are meant to complement your fashion style and can be worn in various social settings, but often lack any support within their design. 

Sports Runners

Typically feature technologies and material that enhance comfort, support and performance for physical activity. Performance and function take precedence over fashion.



Lifestyle sneakers
can sometimes seem to lack the appropriate cushioning to help provide relief for the feet.

Sports Runners
Sports runners are engineered to provide the necessary support and cushioning for activities. They often have specialised midsoles and outsoles to absorb shock and provide stability during activities.



Lifestyle sneakers
Lifestyle sneakers are often less durable compared to sports runners. They may not withstand the wear and tear associated with regular sports or running activities.

Sports Runners
Sports runners are built to be more durable and can endure the demands of athletic use, making them a better choice for people who engage in regular physical activities.


If you have trouble with finding suitable shoes for any physical activity, or experience any foot, ankle or leg pain with exercise, the shoe you are wearing may well be part of the problem. 


We recommend an appointment with one of our Podiatrists to get the right type and style of shoe recommended for your foot type, biomechanics and type of sport/activity.

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