Why Are My Shins Sore When I Exercise?

Do the front of your legs hurt after running or walking long distances? You might have medial tibial stress syndrome

What are shin splints?

Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is an overuse injury of your shin due to repetitive stress of surrounding muscles that attach to your tibia. Pain occurs with overloading of these tissues and over time, the continuous loading of these muscles leads to an inability to heal in response to repetitive activity and strain on the tibia.

Pain is normally present at the beginning of exercise and gradually subsides during training and within minutes of ending exercise. As more strain is applied to your tibia and the injury worsens, pain can sometimes be present with rest or less activity.

What are some of  the causes of shin splints?

  • Calf muscle weakness and dysfunction (weak and/or tight calves!)
  • Reduced ankle joint mobility
  • Training errors- trying to do too much activity too soon without a gradual build up leading to tissue stress
  • Inappropriate footwear



How can we help treat your sore shins?

  • Thorough biomechanical assessment with one of our podiatrists to determine risk factors. We watch how you walk and assess your overall strength and mobility
  • Footwear advice
  • Orthotic therapy if necessary to alter your foot function to de-load the soft tissues and bones of the shin.
  • In clinic treatment such as taping, dry needling, shockwave therapy or ultrasound treatment
  • Advice on strength and conditioning- we can prescribe an exercise program suited to you
  • Correct training errors
  • Running assessment and running retraining: Our Podiatrists have spent time doing extra training and study to closely assess you running patterns and help to make changes to your running mechanics to successfully reduce excessive load through the legs and knees.

What can you do at home?

  • Daily calf stretching or foam rolling of your calves
  • Temporary Reduction in activity that increases pain. 
  • Using ice to reduce inflammation 


If you or someone you know that experiences shin splints or would like a thorough biomechanical assessment from one of the podiatrists at Sole Podiatry please don’t hesitate to contact us in 9939 1012 or simply book online today!

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