Why Sole Podiatry?

At Sole Podiatry, we are not just another allied health clinic. We strive to be something more.

Our Core Values

Memorable Experience

We will strive to exceed the benchmark with memorable experiences and high quality care.

Purpose Driven

We walk with a purpose. We are welcoming, inclusive, respectful and project positivity.

Clear Communication

We will aim to do our absolute best through concise education, clear communication and a commitment to deliver a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan.

Patient Centred

We aim to create WOW moments, putting our patients first. Our friendly and professional nature helps us to deliver the ultimate patient centred care.

Friendly & Approachable

At Sole Podiatry, we pride ourselves on making our clinic environment as inviting as possible. All of our team members are friendly and approachable with a willingness to listen to all of our clients needs and goals.

Vision Focused

Our vision is to positively influence the lives of every person in the North-Western suburbs of Melbourne and to make the area one of the healthiest places to live in Australia.

Professional Team

Our team regularly attend workshops to keep their skills at the highest possible standard. With a high focus on continued professional development, we are always striving to find a better way for our patients.

Teamwork Approach

We are fortunate to work in a team of experienced Podiatrists where we have the ability to collaborate and work together. This combination of experience, knowledge and ideas enables us to achieve amazing results for our clients.

High Quality Care

Our team is committed to using the best quality equipment, instruments and tools to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality care. Our thorough approach to our treatment plans ensures our clients are getting the best care possible.

Results Driven

We are committed to working with you to achieve your desired outcomes. We love nothing more than seeing our clients happy and healthy, when they reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

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